Halida Boughriet

Installation Photographique ‘Moîse confié aux eaux du Nil’
Impression sur plexiglas , Dimensions variables
Galerie, Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille

This photographic composition opens the door to imagination.The photographic elements are detached from one another, similar to theatre props. It’s a scenography that, by following a vanishing point reveals itself in its ensemble as a decomposed painting.I leave the light in through the openings that the space has to offer. It will go through each photographic element that, being transparent, will have its whole meaning revealed.
It is a scenography that doesn’t leave aside any of the magistral composition recipes discovered by its great predecessors of the Italian Renaissance and classic age.My models` looks show that they are asking themselves questions and they are at the same time suspicious about the order of the identity of the appearance and of the hidden. I use sequences from the Antiquity and academic poses and adapt them to our age, knowing that the ages are not very different, especially when it comes to geopolitical situations that crossed them. A kind of perfection of the sculptural aspect emanates from the characters that are in this way close to the world of fashion and dramatisation.